Children’s Festival

We all know that disasters happen all the time, whether it be bushfires or explosions, but usually they don’t hit so close to home. In the face of Covid-19, we are seeing incredible responses from our community.

On Sunday, August 16th, the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program hosted a Children’s Festival for the community and children of ages 4-10 at the Fairy Lake Park in Newmarket. The service project included mask making and drawing up posters to thank all frontline-workers.

This ingenious event highlights the role of children as catalysts of resilient communities during times of crisis and uncertainty. A dozen children from the Aurora and Newmarket region enthusiastically participated in this activity. They were all able to go home with the feeling of accomplishment after creating their own masks using washable fabrics, and a stronger sense of sustainable actions.

Community involvement fosters generosity and other virtues in children. If you are interested in enrolling someone in the Junior Youth program, click here.